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Certificate in VAT Techniques (CVT)

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Value Added Tax (VAT) is one of the largest tax liability which most companies incur and the largest source of tax recoveries on Revenue audits. Yet the people responsible for the management and administration of their company’s VAT liabilities often have to do so without the benefit of specialist training and with little or no support.


The Certificate in VAT Techniques (CVT) is a superb qualification which is designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the operation of the Irish VAT system. The course assumes no prior knowledge of VAT on the part of students and it introduces them in a logical and progressive manner to the VAT implications and treatment of a large range of business transactions.


Starting with first principles, the course explains the basic principles of the Irish VAT system, for all kinds of businesses from sole traders to multinational organisations and includes State and semi State bodies and VAT exempt institutions. Students will receive a comprehensive course manual written in non-technical language, which explains in detail, the workings of the Irish VAT system and which contains numerous practical examples and exercises.


This unique course has been written by some of the country’s most experienced VAT lecturers and consultants, including former Revenue auditors, who have an unrivalled wealth of knowledge and experience of the Irish VAT system and of the problems which businesses have to contend with. The course doesn’t just deal with the theory of VAT. It also outlines the most common problems which businesses have to contend with on a day to day basis and it teaches students how to recognise these problems and more importantly how to deal with them, without having to refer to third parties for information.


Benefits to You

Students who graduate with a Certificate in VAT Techniques will:


  • Hold a QQI accredited Level 6 Qualification
  • Become an invaluable member of their employers' financial team, by being aware of their employer's compliance obligations in a highly  technical area
  • Will greatly enhance their career prospects by providing certification of their expertise in a hugely important tax
  • Enhance their VAT skills, their technical expertise and confidence
  • Develop their professional skills and abilities through the application of advanced training
  • Develop a network of contacts in a range of businesses working in the same specialist field as themselves

Certificate in VAT Techniques - Qualification Requirement

In order to graduate with a Certificate in VAT Techniques, students must successfully complete both examinations for Part 1 and Part 2 of the CVT course. Exams are held for each part, twice yearly, in December and May, with repeat exams held in August and February. 

Benefit to Employers

The operation of the Irish VAT system is of huge importance to all businesses and organisations. By having your VAT affairs managed by properly trained and suitably qualified staff, you will improve your organisations efficiency, reduce the possibility of VAT errors and increase the possibility of identifying and dealing with VAT problems, thereby minimising the possibility of a costly outcome to a Revenue audit. Properly trained and suitably qualified staff will lead to a more efficient operation of your company’s VAT affairs and will also reduce, or minimise, the cost of expensive VAT consultancy services. 


  • Have a highly skilled individual with a unique technical knowledge of every employer's compliance requirements in relation to VAT
  • Know that one of your largest tax liabilities is being managed by a person who holds a specialist professional qualification
  • Gain improved service which will bring real financial, organisational and practical benefits to the organisation
  • Enhance your staff development by assisting them to obtain a valuable qualification
  • Recognise the need to have a truly professional VAT working environment
  • Have an employee who holds a qualification which will clearly demonstrate that they have a thorough understanding of the most important principles and the practical operation of the Irish VAT system

Who should enrol?

  • Anyone who is responsible for maintaining a company's VAT records
  • People responsible for the completion of VAT Returns
  • Accounts mangers and staff
  • People working in a finance department
  • Accountants and Accounting Technicians
  • Anyone who wants to obtain a valuable qualification
  • People who wish to improve their knowledge of the Irish VAT system

Class Options

Classroom Based

The Certificate in VAT Techniques qualification is delivered in two parts, Part 1 and Part 2, each of which comprises of 9 weeks of classroom tuition, 1 night per week of approximately 3 hours duration per night. Classes are held in various venues nationwide. Please contact the IPASS office for details of these venues. The classes allow ample time to complete the course of study and include sufficient time to allow students to attempt sample questions on each chapter and 2 sample exam papers. 


Distance Learning

Students, who are unable to attend classes, have the option of studying by Distance/Online learning. 


map Find a venue near you. Classes run nationwide in September each year. You can also study via Distance/Online Learning.   View the full list of venues


Details of the course syllabus can be found below:

Syllabus Part 1

Syllabus Part 2

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