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 The IPASS Diploma in Payroll Management is an excellent qualification which will: 

  •  Enhance your career prospects
  •  Provide specific training in payroll management issues
  •  Allow you to develop your full potential
  •  Obtain professional recognition in your chosen career
  •  Display your commitment to self improvement



The IPASS Diploma in Payroll Management, is a superb course which has been specifically designed to meet the needs of Irish payroll managers and senior staff. The syllabus for the IPASS Diploma was prepared following consultation with payroll professionals in industry, commerce and in the public sector. We believe this syllabus reflects the diverse range of skills, which all payroll professionals require in order to function efficiently. 


Having successfully completed the Certificate in Payroll Techniques qualification, many people want to further their studies and to gain additional experience and knowledge which will assist them in their future career. However, to progress further, knowledge of more than just payroll matters is required. Most, if not all senior payroll personnel are responsible for the management of a team of people and they are also required to know more about IT systems and their working environment, quite apart from the additional technical knowledge required in relation in Employment Law, PAYE, PRSI and the USC.


Students will be provided with a stimulating and intellectually challenging management development programme, together with a thorough education in the concepts and techniques of management specially adapted for the payroll environment. Successful students will acquire a professional qualification, which will enhance their career prospects and improve confidence and self esteem. They will be eligible to join the Irish Payroll Association as full members and to use the designatory letters MIPA (Member of the Irish Payroll Association). 


Is this course for you?

If you have ambition and a desire for self improvement as a payroll professional, this is the most suitable course for you. Apart from the additional knowledge and self confidence which you will gain from this course, you will clearly display that you have the desire, the commitment and the ability to pursue further study for the purpose of improving your work performance, traits which all employers look for in management staff. 

Course Structure

The IPASS Diploma in Payroll Management builds on learning previously acquired while studying for the Certificate in Payroll Techniques qualification and it will also complement the experience and competence previously acquired through practice, or through other qualifications. 


The course is available through classroom tuition or through distance learning and it consists of four separate modules. Classroom tuition consists of two full days per module (each on a Saturday). The classroom course is only available in  Dublin. A helpline service and tutor support is available to all students throughout the course. Attendance at the two classroom days is not compulsory but is highly recommended. Students will receive full tuition in the course material for each module and will also be engaged in group discussions and the examination of case studies. IPASS will also encourage and facilitate the formation of study groups as an integral part of the learning process of this IPASS Diploma in Payroll Management course through the interaction between students and the sharing of real world experiences. 


Course Material

Students will receive a study pack for each module in which the course material is laid out in a user-friendly format and comes with a study guide. Each chapter contains a number of self assessment questions, so that students can test their knowledge as they progress through each module. Students will be given full instructions on the preparation of an assignment and each module will include two sample assignments and solutions. These are designed to act as a guide to provide candidates with a structured approach regarding the required layout and format when preparing the main assignment for submission. 


Course Assessment

With the exception of the IT Module which includes a short written exam paper on hardware and software, candidates are assessed on the basis of a written assignment. A detailed guide on how to complete an assignment will be provided for all students and each module will include two sample assignments and solutions. The main assignment for each module is designed to test students’ understanding of the principles and practices outlined in the course material and on their ability to apply this knowledge in a given situation. The course assignments will be based on case studies and students will be required to identify a number of issues which need to be addressed, explain why they believe these issues need to be addressed and then outline action that they propose should be adopted and the reasons for these actions. 


Entry Requirements

Entry to the IPASS Diploma in Payroll Management course is only open to applicants who have successfully completed the Certificate in Payroll Techniques.


Exemptions from Individual Modules

Students may apply for an exemption from an individual module of the IPASS Diploma in Payroll Management on the basis of accredited prior learning. Students who wish to apply for an exemption should supply full details of the prior learning course, together with verifiable confirmation of the qualification obtained. Exemption may not be granted to any student for more than a single module on the IPASS Diploma in Payroll Management course.


Download your IPASS Diploma in Payroll Management brochure here


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