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Principles of the Irish VAT System
Introduction to Basic Principles; Irish VAT Legislation; Operation of the Irish VAT System; VAT Terms Explained; VAT Inclusive Retail Prices; VAT Inclusive and VAT Exclusive Figures; Books and Records; Calculating the VAT Liability

VAT Rates
An Accountable Person and a Taxable Person; VAT Supplies; Taxable Supplies of Goods; Taxable Supplies of Services; Guide to Main VAT Rates; VAT Exempt Persons; VAT Exempt Activities; Interpretation of VAT Law; Section 56 Relief; Persons Making Zero Rated Supplies; Goods and Services Liable to VAT at the Zero Rate; Goods and Services Liable to VAT at the Reduced Rates; Goods and Services Liable to VAT at the Standard Rate; VAT Rates Database

Accountable Persons and VAT Registration
Accountable Persons; Taxable Supply; Registration for VAT; How is the Turnover Threshold Determined?; Threshold Adjustment; Relief for Stock in Trade; Registration before Trading Commences; Cancellation of VAT Registration; Option or Election to Register; Cancellation of Election Case; Failure to Register; Registration Procedures; Date of Registration; Consequences of Registration; Farmers and VAT Registration; Non Established Traders; VAT Exempt Activities; Taxable and Exempt Activities; VAT Group Registration

VAT Returns
Annual VAT Returns; Small Traders and 6 monthly VAT Returns; Monthly VAT Returns; Interest Charges; Late Returns and Section 110 Estimates; VAT Repayments; Completing VAT Returns; Revenue On Line Service (ROS); Return of Trading Details

VAT Invoices and Credit Notes
Importance of VAT Invoices; What is a VAT Invoice?; Issue of a VAT Invoice; Form of a VAT Invoice; Exceptions; Time Limit for Issuing VAT Invoices; Invoices issued by Unregistered Persons; Invoices issued by Flat-Rate Farmers; Specific Invoicing Arrangements for Certain Economic Sectors;  Settlement Vouchers; Increase in Price Payable; Reduction in Price Payable; Incorrect VAT Rate Charged; Incorrect VAT amount Shown; Invoices Issued in a Foreign Currency; Services and Non VAT Invoices; Deposits or Advance Payments; Credit Notes; Information on a Credit Note; Time limit for Issuing Credit Notes; Credit Note with no VAT; Electronic Invoicing; Retention of Records

Supply of Goods Liable to VAT
Taxable Supplies; Taxable Supplies of Goods; Goods or Services?; Self Supplies; Gifts; Industrial Samples; Replacement Goods; Bulk Discounts; Cash Back Schemes; Money–Off Schemes; Sale of Gift Vouchers; Payments Received in Advance; Composite Supplies/Multiple Supplies; The Two Thirds Rule

Place of Supply of Goods
Importance of Place of Supply Rules; Goods which are Dispatched or Transported; Goods which are not Dispatched or Transported; Goods which are Installed or Assembled; Goods Imported from Outside the EU; Goods Supplied when Travelling between EU States; Distance Sales

Exports (Goods only)
What are Exports?; Place of Supply and VAT Rate; Input Credit for Export Companies; Records Required in Connection with Exports; Evidence of Export of Goods; Exports by Purchasers; Retail Export Scheme

Imports (Goods only)
VAT Rate; Valuation for VAT Purposes; Customs Value Declared in Foreign Currency; Deferred Payment Scheme; Credit in VAT Returns for VAT on Imported Goods; Parcel Post Importations of Taxable Goods; Shannon Customs Free Airport; Ringaskiddy Free Port; Section 56 Relief; VAT Free Importation of Goods destined for another Member State; Situations when VAT is not Payable on goods at Importation

Intra-Community Supplies (Goods only)
Place of Supply; Rate of VAT; Evidence of Intra Community Supplies; Distance Sales and Intra Community Supply of goods (ICS); Distance Sales Thresholds; Distance Sales into Ireland; VIES Returns; Intrastat Returns

Intra-Community Acquisitions (Goods only)
VAT Exempt Institutions Purchasing Goods from Abroad; Intra-Community Acquisitions by Farmers; Branch to Branch Transfers; Errors and Corrections

Supply and Install/Assembly of Goods
Introduction; Place of Supply Rules

Deductible and Non Deductible VAT
Deductible VAT (Input VAT); Right to Deduct VAT; Non Deductible VAT; VAT relief for Conference Accommodation; Personal Services; Motor Vehicles; Qualifying Motor Vehicles; Crew Cabs; Foreign VAT; Sale of Goods on which no Input Credit Allowed; Taxable and Exempt Supplies; Margin Schemes; Trade-ins; Trade-in Values – VAT Inclusive and VAT Exclusive; Time limit

Amount on which VAT is chargeable
Expenses Incurred in Providing a Service; Reimbursed Expenses and Expenses Incurred; Possible Mitigation; Payments by Credit Card; Goods Sold at less than Market Value; VAT and Withholding Tax; Trade-ins; Excess Payment; Postage and Insurance; Bad Debts; Deposits or Payments in Advance; Payment in Kind; Disposing of Company Assets; Margin Schemes

Accounting for VAT
Sales/Invoice Basis; Cash Receipts Basis of Accounting; Application for Cash Receipts Basis; Transactions Excluded from Cash Receipts Basis; Connected Persons; Review of Eligibility and Cancellation of Authorisation; Change in VAT Rate; Change from Cash Receipts Basis to Sales/Invoice Basis; Change from Sales/Invoice Basis to Cash Receipts Basis; Bad Debt Relief; Retailers and Segregation of Sales


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