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Return of Trading Details
Introduction; Goods for Resale and Goods not for Resale; Completion of RTD in respect of ICAs, ICSs; Imports and Exports

Finance Agreements 
Forms of Finance; Difference between a Lease and Hire Purchase Agreement; Hire Purchase Agreements; Lease Agreements; Operational Leases; Operational Leases for a Car and Car Servicing Charges; Finance Leases; Deposits paid on Lease Agreements; Trade-in on a Lease Agreement; Termination of an Operational Lease Agreement

The Margin Scheme
Introduction; Margin Scheme Goods; Sources of Margin Scheme Goods; Who are Accountable Dealers?; VAT rates on Margin Scheme Goods; Deductibility of Input VAT; Invoices issued for goods sold under the Margin Scheme; Opting out of the Margin Scheme; Goods bought from Other EU States under the Margin Scheme; Margin Scheme goods sold to customers in another EU State; Globalisation; Car Dealers; Definitions

Section 56 Relief
Introduction; Qualifying Persons; Group Registrations; Authorisation Procedure; Purchases within the State by an Authorised Person; Supplies to an Authorised Person; Qualifying Goods and Services; Supplies of Low Emissions Motor Vehicles; Self-supplies and Exempt use; Section 56 and Intra-Community Acquisitions; Section 56 and Imports; Alcohol Products

Apportionment of Input VAT Credit
The Rules on Deductible Input VAT; Dual Use Inputs; Proportion of Input VAT Deductible; Partially Exempt Persons and ICAs; Annual Review of Dual Use Inputs

VAT on Services
What is a Service?; VAT on Services; VAT on Software; VAT on Food and Catering Services; VAT on Take Away Food; Special rules relating to the supply of certain Services; Transaction not regarded as a Supply of Services; Services – Essential Issues; Place of Supply of Services - General Rule

Estimates, Assessments and Appeals
Section 110 estimate; Appeal against Section 110 estimate; Section 111 assessment; Appeal against Section 111 assessment; Section 111 calculation; VAT Appeals; Types of VAT Appeals; Time limits; Late Appeals; Settlement by Agreement; Listing of appeals; High Court; Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU)

Place of Supply of Services
General Rule – Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Consumer (B2C); Services Received from Abroad - Rules, Exceptions and Variations; Use and Enjoyment Provisions; Flowchart Summary – B2B and B2C; Completion of the VAT 3 and RTD – B2B Services

VAT and Construction Services
VAT Rates; Place of Supply of Construction Services; Fixtures; Fittings; Supply and Installation of Fixtures; The Two-Thirds Rule; Supply and Installation/Assembly of Fittings; Progress Claims and Non VAT Invoices; Issuing VAT Invoices for Progress Payments; Retention Money

VAT and Relevant Contracts Tax
Reverse Charge VAT on Construction Services; Relevant Contract Tax (RCT); Self Accounting for VAT on Construction Services; Summary of Rules; Government Departments, Local Authorities and Public Bodies; Two-Thirds Rule and Supplies of Goods; 23% VAT Rate; Repair and Maintenance Services; Design and Build Contracts; Subcontractors Established Outside the State

Repayments to Unregistered Persons
Foreign Business paying Irish VAT; Zero-Rating of Services Supplied to Foreign Traders (VAT 60A); Farm Buildings or Structures, Fencing, Land Drainage and Land Reclamation; Sea Fishing Vessels and Equipment; Marine Diesel; Irish companies providing certain services outside the State; Touring Coaches; VAT Charged in error by Customs; Sea Rescue Craft, Equipment, etc; Disabled Persons; Disabled Persons Aids and Appliances; Radios for the Blind; Residential Caravans and Mobile Homes; Donated Medical Equipment; Donated Research Equipment; Humanitarian Goods; Investment gold; Enquiries

Place where an Intra-Community Acquisition Occurs; When Triangulation Occurs; Goods Delivered to Customer Outside the EU; Order Received from Customer Outside the EU for Delivery within EU

Revenue VAT Audits
Selection for Audit; Overview of a Revenue Audit; Revenue Customer Service Charter; Regularising Tax Defaults; The Revenue Audit; Finalisation of a Revenue Audit; Publication as a Tax Defaulter; Main reasons for VAT Underpayments.


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