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Making it Happen, Always - planning & scheduling your time

How to improve your Time Managment skills

Presented by IPASS in association with Learning Curve


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Time management is a core business management skill which has been around for years. Despite this we are no better at time management today than our predecessors were twenty or thirty years ago. Over the years many myths have grown around time management. One of them is that we can in fact 'manage time'. We can't. 


We can, however, manage ourselves, and our own behaviour. But rather than a slave to the clock, we can become a 'master of time'.



During this workshop Séan will explore why you can’t plan effectively without applying the time management balance sheet approach. He will differentiate between being busy and focusing on important activities and tasks. Underpinning this workshop is the need for people move away from the outdated “to do lists” and start prioritising and scheduling your day, week and month using proven business principles.

Getting the right things done consistently, will improve the quality of your performance. All the principles covered can be applied immediately so that you can benefit from your action plan without delay.

Some key benefits from this workshop include:

-  Move away from the outdated “to do lists” approach to planning your day and upgrade to the business planning approach

-  Stay ahead of deadlines by applying the time management balance sheet rule

-  Analyse how you spend your time and implement changes to improve your daily, weekly and monthly routines

-  Divide your day into manageable chunks of productive time

-  Deal with difficult people who steal your time

-  Implement your 100-day action plan to improve how you use your time.


  • As the pressure of work intensifies and expectations get higher, setting aside the time to develop a personal time management strategy to achieve personal and company key tasks, targets and objectives gets harder. This course will help you to invest your time wisely, improve productivity and add value to your organisation. Time management is not about managing time, it is about managing yourself and those around you and letting time take care of itself.



    Below are some key strategies that are explored on this course.

    -   Prioritise the important things in your work and not just the urgent things, dealing with competing priorities. Improve your thinking process and decision making to become more results focused
    - Conduct a personal time audit to understand how you really spend time, as opposed to how you think you use your time; understand the real issues instead of the perceived problems. Establish how much time is wasted through interruptions and introducing effective controls that will help you to improve how you use your time
    - Compose lists of things that ensure your key priorities are achieved everyday; don't see them as nagging 'to-do' lists, bringing structure to daily activities. List of tasks vs. effective business planning, how to stay ahead of deadlines
    - Take responsibility for controlling the volume of non-value interruptions stealing your interruptions - how they are handled and controlled. Impact/Influence Model and value added interruptions vs. time wasters
    - Compose lists of things that ensure your key priorities are achieved everyday; don't see them as nagging 'to-do' lists, bringing structure to daily activities. List of tasks vs. effective business planning, how to stay ahead of deadlines
    - Understand the skills of managing people, their expectation levels and being assertive. Knowing when to say no; how to say no in a positive way
    - Different Personality types and how they affect you in your day to day activities, how they steal your time and how to deal with their interruptions. How to influence different personality types The Habit of Excellence and personal accountability and responsibility for achieving effectiveness in the workplace.

  • CPD/CPE Hours

    Attendance at this seminar may qualify for 7 CPD/CPE hours for members of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Ireland, the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, the Institute of Certified Public Accountants in Ireland, the Irish Taxation Institute, the Law Society; Accounting Technicians Ireland and other professional bodies.  



    Courses run from 10.00am - 4.30pm - tea/coffee on arrival. mid-morning & mid-afternoon and lunch will be provided. 


  • About the Lecturer

  • Sean McLoughney, founder of LearningCurve, is a sought after learning and development specialist, author and speaker. Since 2001 he has helped over 17,000 professionals at every level to improve their performance through his high impact workshop and webinars. In addition to his work with LearningCurve, Sean is a senior lecturer for IPASS as well as a senior lecturer (F1-Accountant in Business -ACCA) in Accountancy School. Séan is a regular speaker for CPA Ireland for their CPD events. As a successful author, Séan has been published internationally. 

    He has written three books and numerous articles. His fourth book is due out in March 2019. His first book "Slave to the Clock, Master of Time" helps you improve your time management skills while "Slave to a Job, Master of your Career", his second book outlines how people can plan and progress their career. His third book "Meaningful Performance Reviews” helps you to improve the performance of your team by having regular meaningful performance review meetings.
         Sean McLoughney   


     Course Fees 

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       Non Member:      €350


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