The IPASS Book – the ultimate guide to Payroll and Employment Law in Ireland

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The most comprehensive, practical and useful book any Payroll, HR or Finance professional can refer to. Designed not just to provide information, but to provide answers to the most common problems which arise.

“I am a dedicated IPASS member and have been since my first Payroll course. I went from the Payroll Technician Certificate, to the Diploma in Payroll Management, to Annual Updates. The IPASS Book is my bible, and I keep it on a shelf beside my desk as I regularly refer to it to check different things throughout the month – including employment legislation.”
Margarita Kennedy Rohan

“The IPASS Book has proved essential to providing a properly briefed payroll function in today’s rapidly changing taxation environment. We refer to it as the almanac for payroll administrators.”
Meath County Council, Payroll Department

“I find the IPASS book an invaluable reference guide for all issues relating to employment law, social welfare and taxation from the payroll point of view. I always keep a copy on my desk for referencing and use. In payroll you require knowledge in many areas, from Finance to HR to be able to complete your job to the standard that is required. The IPASS book gives payroll people quick easy access to answers that are required.”
Noel Carroll, Momentum Support Ltd

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