Computerised Payroll Module

 As an optional extra!


In order to enhance the QQI accredited Certificate in Payroll Techniques qualification IPASS will launch a Computerised Payroll Module in September 2015. While this add on course is optional, any graduate of the Certificate in Payroll Techniques (CPT) will enhance the knowledge acquired when studying the CPT course by applying that knowledge when processing payroll using payroll software.

On completion of this course, successful participants will be able to:

  • Process payroll using payroll software
  • Understand the process involved from setting up an employer, the employees details, payroll calendar and pay date on a payroll software system.
  • Process payroll under the Cumulative, Week 1/Month 1, Emergency and Temporary Basis.
  • Calculate Gross Pay, Statutory and non-Statutory deductions, Net Pay and Employer’s PRSI in respect of each employee.
  • Export and print a payslip together with a Payroll Summary Report for each pay period
  • Create a bank file.
  • Run a report on the cost to employer and export this information to an excel spreadsheet.
  • Prepare and print P45s, P30s and P60s Programme Structure This course will only be available online.

This course will only be available online. Students will be required to register with IPASS to complete the course. Once registered, each student will be provided with guidelines on how to download demo software together with an instruction manual. Students will also be provided with a set range of details for an employer and employees for a set pay period. Students will be required to set up the employer and employees on the payroll software, process the payroll for the set pay period and create a snapshot for the pay period.

The student will be required to submit the snapshot and supporting files to a dedicated email address for marking by an examiner.


A fee of €100 is payable for this module by all students.


Only students who have completed the Certificate in Payroll Techniques are eligible to enrol on this course. A student must successfully complete the course and submit their supporting reports within 30 days of their enrolment date in order to achieve a Certificate of Completion.


To reister on this course you must have previously completed the Certificate in Payroll Techniques course. Please register using the link below where you will be directed to the IPASS Online Learning site where you must create and account and pay online. 


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