Understanding Your Payslip

Dates Will Be Arranged Upon Booking

Understanding Your Payslip

We find that the answer to this question is predominately “No”. While employees have no problem in calculating how much they are due to be paid, the calculation of the statutory PAYE/PRSI/USC deductions are quite complex. The majority of employees concentrate on their Net Take Home Pay and just glance at the other figures on their payslip! Ideally every employee should be in a position to understand every entry on their payslip. How can you help your employees?

We offer a 2 hour information session in-house for your employees. Depending on the number of employees, up to 3 information sessions can be conducted per day. During each session employees are provided with a thorough understanding of all of the entries on their bespoke payslip to include:

This practical payroll course is being delivered by IPASS payroll consultants who have unrivalled knowledge and experience in the operation and calculation of the PAYE system.

Attendance at this seminar may qualify for 7 CPD/CPE hours for members of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Ireland, the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, the Institute of Certified Public Accountants in Ireland, the Irish Taxation Institute, the Law Society; Accounting Technicians Ireland and other professional bodies.

Courses run from 10.00am – 4.30pm – tea/coffee on arrival. mid-morning & mid-afternoon and lunch will be provided.


– Introduction

– Tax Credit and Universal Social Charge Certificate

– Standard Rate Cut-Off Point and Tax Rates

– Allocation of SRCOP between Spouses or Civil Partners

– Tax Credits

– Employee Tax Credit and Universal Social Charge Certificate

– How is PAYE Calculated

– PAYE Calculations

2. Other Tax Credits And Reliefs

– Home Carer Tax Credit

– Single Person Child Carer Tax Credit

– Tax relief for Tuition Fees

– Health Expenses

– Expenses incurred in Employment

– Tax refunds restricted to last 4 tax years

3. Pay Related Social Insurance

4. Universal social Charge

– Introduction

– Operation of USC

– Exemption from USC

– Gross Income liable to USC

5. Occupational Pension

6. Travel Passes

7. Cycle To Work Scheme

8. Medical Insurance

9. MyAccount

Benefits For Your Business:

– Reduction is payroll queries

– Give something back to your employees

Benefits For Your Employees:

– Increased employee knowledge

– Growth in confidence

– Potential Tax Refunds

If You Are Interested In The Delivery Of An “Understanding Your Payslip” Information Session(s) For Your Employees Please Contact IPASS On 01 4089100

Understanding Your Payslip

Dates Will Be Arranged Upon Booking

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